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The Giving Tree Plaza

        This promises to be a warm and welcoming place.  We already have a beautiful fountain on the left and a meandering creek with a Giverny bridge leading to Monet's house and to other gardens.  The Giving Tree Plaza will be not only the entrance to the garden but the special place where inspiration begins...

        After we complete the Stone Cottage, we will be placing the memory bricks in this area and the Donor Board, honoring and thanking our generous donors who are making, and will continue to make, the Children's Storybook Garden and Museum "grow."

Van Gogh House & Garden

        Vincent van Gogh, a Dutch impressionist artist, lived from 1853 until 1888. He is best known for his paintings, including Starry Night, The Postman, several paintings of himself (self-portraits), and a number of still life paintings of sunflowers and of irises. Vincent van Gogh especially enjoyed making paintings of children. He once said that it's the only thing that "excites me to the depths of my soul, and which makes me feel the infinite more than anything else." The Van Gogh House is nearing the end of construction! The interior has been painted by a local artist. 


What will we do in this house and garden?​

  • Locate Van Gogh's colorful book box and enjoy reading the books for this themed garden.

  • Sit in his colorful house and read books about his works and his life.

  • Use your imagination and play in the house.

  • Tend his tiny outdoor garden.

  • Find his paintings and observe how his style changed over the years of his life. How many of his works did you locate?

  • Think about what you might want to paint in his style.

  • Write down your questions about Mr. Van Gogh and put your name on them.  A Van Gogh "expert" will read them and answer on the bulletin board in his kitchen. Visit his garden on another day and find your answers.

  • Find Holland (the Netherlands) on the world map and then find where Paris, France is on the map, too. (The map is in the Reading Room.)

The Cottage Garden &
Stone Cottage Classroom is almost completed! 
The Secret Garden

What will we do in this garden?

  • Look inside the Secret Garden book box and enjoy reading the books.

  • First, find the secret child-size entry.

  • Explore the materials to make a fairy house.

  • Sing and dance and be creative.

  • Explore and identify the beautiful plants and flowers.

  • Just sit a while and enjoy this quiet garden.

The Carriage House
& Celebration Garden
Butterfly Garden

        Tucked in beside the Van Gogh house and the Stone Cottage, this garden is home to many butterflies and well as many pollinators. It is gorgeous and inviting all year round.  Walk the quiet path and enjoy the seasonal flowers and wildlife. Sit down, rest, and read in the Butterfly Bench!

This garden will be a magical place

filled with

plants that        butterflies

will find irresistible.

Books for the Butterfly Garden:
* From Caterpillar to Butterfly by Deborah Heiligman
* The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle
* Planting a Rainbow  by Lois Ehlert
* Oh Where Oh Where is my Swallowtail?  by Kaleela Thompson
* The Reason for a Flower by Ruth Heller

What will we do in this garden?

  • Look inside the Butterfly Garden book box and enjoy reading the books.

  • Count the butterflies.

  • Walk the path and listen for the butterflies.

  • Make a butterfly to take home.

  • Draw butterflies.

  • Using the books, try to identify the butterflies.

      Naming Rights to the Butterfly Garden have been lovingly sponsored by Mark Smith and Randy Davis in honor of Randy's Mother.

The Victorian Treehouse
        The Tree House will be the icon of the garden and probably one of the first places new visitors to the garden will want to explore.

        Our amazing tree house will be a three-level adventure for children and for the young at heart!  It will have a bit of Victorian influence, lots of interactive things to do, and lots of views of the garden from various rooms and porches. 

        Our Tree House will be constructed by the Tree House Guys of Daniels Wood Land.

        These guys are famous for their tree houses. They have been featured on TV. You have got to watch this video! Their work is amazing!

What will we do in the Tree House?

  • Locate the Tree House book box and enjoy reading the themed books.

  • Climb to the top and look around.

  • Discover all the seeds and grains in the little drawers and discover what they are and what their origin was.

  • Use your imagination and energy to play in the treehouse.

  • Pretend you are an animal that discovers this darling house. What will you do?

Books for the Tree House:
*  The Magic Treehouse Books by Mary Pope Osborne 
*  The Berenstein Bears by Jan and Stan Berenstien
*  Tree House Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries #14) by Gertrude Chandler Warner and David Cunningham

The Tank House Theater

        This charming old water tower will be transformed into a  museum exhibit theater. Inside you will find some benches and a screen. There will be a button to press and watch a short film about water management and how it affects California Agriculture. 

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