Coming Soon!

The Secret Garden
is being worked on.  The lighting is in, the sheds have been approved, and will be coming in soon. We have a fountain, twinkly lights, benches, a beautiful garden entrance, and evergreen shrubbery that will enclose this beautiful garden and make it a very special 'secret place' to hold small events such as "secret dinners", weddings, and small intimate parties of all kinds.

What will we do in this garden?

  • Look inside the Secret Garden book box and enjoy reading the books.

  • Can you find the secret child-size entry?

  • Explore the materials to make a fairy house.

  • Sing and dance and be creative.

  • Explore and identify the beautiful plants and flowers.

  • Just sit a while and enjoy this quiet garden.

  • This Garden will be available for rent!

  • This Garden is sponsored by Dr. Bob and Jan Junell.

The Victorian Treehouse
        The Tree House will be the icon of the Garden and probably one of the first places new visitors to the Garden will want to explore.

        Our amazing tree house will be a three-level adventure for children and for the young at heart!  It will have a bit of Victorian influence, lots of interactive things to do, and lots of views of the Garden from various rooms and porches. 

What will we do in the Tree House?

  • Locate the Tree House book box and enjoy reading the themed books.

  • Climb to the top and look around.

  • Discover all the seeds and grains in the little drawers and discover what they are and what their origin was.

  • Use your imagination and energy to play in the treehouse.

  • Pretend you are an animal that discovers this darling house. What will you do?

        Our Tree House will be constructed by the Tree House Guys of Daniels Wood Land.

        These guys are famous for their tree houses. They have been featured on TV. You have got to watch this video! Their work is amazing!

Books for the Tree House:
*  The Magic Treehouse Books by Mary Pope Osborne 
*  The Berenstein Bears by Jan and Stan Berenstien
*  Tree House Mystery (The Boxcar Children Mysteries, by Gertrude Chandler Warner and David Cunningham.

The Tank House Theater

        This charming old water tower has been restored but is not yet open to the public.  Our plan is to transform it into a  museum exhibit theater. Inside it will have benches and a screen. There will be a button to press and watch a short film about water management and how it affects California Agriculture. We need a water company/business to make this happen for us!

Morning Glory Tea House
is the next building to be built.  It will be a lovely room with beautiful windows and doors and a crystal chandelier.  
We will hold lovely tea parties in this special building.  
It is sponsored by 
Rick and Lisa Conway.