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The Victorian Farmhouse Museum

Victorian Farmhouse

        The Victorian Farm House was donated to the Children's Storybook Garden & Museum by Bill and Libby Clark. It was known in Hanford as the Burr Home and was located at the corner of Kent and Eleventh Avenues, south of Hanford in the country.  We believe it was built around 1906, possibly as a Sears Roebuck kit home.​

        The Victorian Farm House is open to guests visiting the Garden.  The front bedroom now serves as our Reading Room, where we read to children and students who are guests at the Garden or on field trips. The yellow parlor, dining area, and kitchen have historical items donated from people in the community. The second bedroom is the Executive Director's office and the third bedroom in our programs office where we prepare for the field trips and activities here at the Garden. 


  The historic farmhouse is furnished as it would have been in the 1900s.  We hope it will transport guests back to the early 1900s for an authentic Victorian experience.  When the Garden is open the historic Victorian home is always open and we welcome guests to tour the house.

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